Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Blog, new adventure

Setting up this new blog to chronicle the story of our life on the teeny tiny farm we are creating in Southern Colorado. We have been here one year now and have added all sorts of animals to our farm family, have created our first full blown vegetable garden with produce for ourselves and enough left over to sell at the local Farmer's Market, and to family and friends. The best part is our food is organically produced...grown naturally and it is clean and healthy, something I come more to appreciate in this stressful and emotional month when my sister has been diagnosed with cancer. I have been trying to provide her with healthy eggs from our free range chickens, as well as produce from our farm and from other nearby organic farms.
Our goal at this point is to set up a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)or NSA (Neighbor Supported Agriculture) for next spring and summer.

Every day on the farm is a new adventure, and each day brings unpredictable challenges that we try to face with an open mind. It is life. The microcosm of everything trying to coexist in one setting. How can we all live together and benefit one another in the best possible ways? I love my animals...the pets and the livestock. I find them entertaining and interesting, with many stories yet to be told. I love the open space and the clean air. I even love the high desert landscape that reminds me enough of New Mexico to feel like home. I love the lizards crawling, the sunflowers growing out of control, and have even come to respect the tarantula that stayed for a while in a hole next to the path up to the goat barn.

We are learning, studying and trying to make this small place a sustainable farm. By using the techniques of water harvesting through sculpting the land, permaculture planting and soil rejuvenation, I have no doubt that in a few short years our home will sit in its own little oasis amidst the high desert vegetation of the southern Colorado mountains.

It is exciting to be on this adventure and to educate others who are interested in similar things. We can change the world, one small step at a time. It is important that we as an American culture, take back our food from big agribusiness who focus on profit and not food safety. It is important that we become energy efficient and utilize the power of the sun and the wind and put Big Oil out of business. It is imperative that we buy local, eat local and reform our communities into sustainable units that can support and take care of the people who live there. It is important that we become educated on healthy eating and lifestyles and stop giving our money to the pharmaceutical companies who influence our doctors and ultimately the treatments we receive. Lets get back to Nature and a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Let's focus more on meditation and spiritual enlightenment and less on what's on next on TV.

The Shift is upon us now. Where do you stand?