Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Grad school

Doing the Grad school thing. Time and that's about it. Richard is also thinking of doing the Grad school thing. I guess he is feeling left out.

Now, there isn't time for much of anything except the day to day stuff and school. Richard is working two jobs as we try to dig out of this financial nightmare we find ourselves in because of the pay cut from his first job. I am still peddling my art.

And that's the news.

I have this crazy idea of moving the shed/tiny house down to the Taos land (none of the land is selling, here or there). Perhaps they are not as code crazy down there where a good percentage of off griders are living in hand-built houses that never were inspected. Most of the houses on the west Mesa are not even supposed to be there...the lots are too small for infrastructure, like septic tanks. But amazingly, people know how to use compost toilets. The volume of "illegal" housing is far too great for the county to assess, let alone come down on. Not that they won't try in upcoming years. It's always a gamble, I suppose.

Still thinking on it. I wonder how hard it would be to relocate the shed with the horrid Taos mud roads? What season should we shoot for? Late spring maybe before the monsoons but after the melt.

As it is, we have lots of time. Grad school is two years and our lease on this rental is through October.

I am still trying to rehome llamas and simplify material possessions. Who knows where we will end up when this crazy Grad school ride ends.

We have to keep adventuring through these hard times. The climate is unpredictable and the imminent methane release in the Arctic is frightening. Time has no value, but it may be short indeed for the human species. Let's all live a little better and love a little more, shall we? By better, I don't mean spend more and collect more crap. Instead, find some spiritual truths and move to higher consciousness. Perhaps we can change the outcome with the unified power of the energetic mind.