Saturday, March 26, 2011

Goat birth update

Wouldn't you know it...when I went up to check on the goats after posting my last blog, Amelia was ready to have her baby. Richard made it just in time to help. She had twins--a boy and a girl, without any fanfare at all, except she seems to want to walk around while giving birth, which makes it interesting to catch the baby. They are beautiful brown and black babies and I will put up photos tomorrow. Now...I'm going to bed for my first full nights sleep in a long time.

Oh, and post note, we "bounced" Amelia after the first kid and felt the second, so we knew she wasn't done. That's where you stand behind the goat and put your hands in front of her bag and lift up on her abdomen. If there are babies in there, you can feel the hardness instead of gushy guts. We bounced her after the second and she was just gushy. Wish we'd done that with Cinnamon. Of course Amelia's kids came out quick, within like ten or fifteen minutes of each other. Text book delivery.

We now have four babies here at the farm. Two boys and two girls. Mamas are all doing well.

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  1. Wow, what a crazy ordeal you've been through! Glad that things are smoothing out now and you're getting some rest.