Sunday, July 31, 2011

More paintings

Still painting. Hiding inside from the hot summer sun.

We have had some rain though, which is wonderful. The gardens are all doing great, except for the plants that have been lost to the rabbits and our good old  friend the pack rat (I think there must be about ten of them).

Bailing out the bath water and hiking it to the various trees in the yard...saves the septic, a little bit. Trying to work out a plan for the washing machine to drain into the a deep pile of mulch. I'm thinking of creating a rose garden for the gray water infiltration.

The Earthbag barn is starting to fall down...well the top two layers of bags that never got covered in stucco undercoat.  There just isn't any  extra money to finish it. The dirt is being recycled into the tire berm wall in front of the house. Maybe I can talk Richard into leaving the rest of the barn up and putting more gray coat on it. Haven't had many volunteers to help out around the farm, unfortunately. It is what it is.

Back view
front hills
Front mesa with rain clouds

Front hills with color
front mesa, sun shining
mesa, mountain and sky

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  1. Haven't had much online time lately, so I'm just now reading this post. Man, your paintings just keep getting better and better! Having actually seen the scenes you're painting, I can honestly say that your renderings are superb.

    That's sad about the barn; I wish I could come help. I really do hope it gets finished one day.