Monday, September 19, 2011

Moving Planet,, Fremont County walk

This Saturday, September 24, is a big day for the nation, for the world and for our own little Fremont county, Colorado as we all join together to voice our concerns about climate change.

Check out to get involved in a town near you. What is happening is something called Moving Planet, and involves activities all over the world where people come together with signs and messages about moving beyond fossil fuels and getting our world carbon footprint back down to around 350 parts per million...the so called safe zone for our happy little planet to survive and keep the human race from extinction. Can it be done?

So, because there was no local event near us here in Southern Colorado (go figure) Richard decided to start his own. It's called Moving Fremont Forward. We will be walking from the coal power plant (soon to be shut down...yippee!, but replaced by a bigger and scarier power plant in Pueblo...boooooo!!!) in Canon City on Highway 50 and 1st st (meet in the driveway, park in the park across the street or on Riverside drive, but not in no parking zones, and please, please do not trespass!) through the Farmer's Market on 5th in front of the library, and over to the county building with our handy little petition, asking our local government officials to please start talking about climate change and leading our county into the future with a zero emissions policy. (Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing?)

Everyone is invited to join us...the more the merrier and hopefully it won't just be Richard, me and the kids! Bring your signs and let's make our position known. We want to see some options for renewable energy! We want our towns to start thinking about a post peak oil world and how our communities can be resilient in the face of the very big changes to come. Why not start now?

What can you do to reduce your carbon footprint?

How many of my friends and neighbors are on board the sustainable future for our planet train?

Please, everyone, find an event near you (I know there is one in Arroyo Seco, for you Taosenos out there) and let's all work together to get our Planet Moving!!!

Check out to find an event near you and to find out more about the walk in Fremont county.

The time for being quiet is over. Let's get active people!

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