Thursday, October 6, 2011

Revolution underway?

Big Ugly...about 3 1/2" long.
I was going to write about all of the critters I have encountered since we've been here at our little the tarantula stuck in the tire, going round and round (note: I put a large rock in the tire so he could crawl out), or the fat toad I caught one night on my way to put the chickens to bed, or the cows that ran rampant through the neighborhood one spring morning, or the wild donkey herd that came last summer, but that will have to wait because big things are afoot in our nation that I can't help but comment on.

Occupy Wall Street began as a movement to let Corporate America know that the other 99% of America is fed up with the 1% who holds the wealth and power in this country. I think the protestors have been in place for two weeks now (correction: since Sept 17) and holding strong in NYC. Good for them! And to show solidarity and support, other cities across the nation have joined in, creating an "Occupy" movement around the country. I am so proud!

Could it finally be happening? The moment I've been waiting for...the new American Revolution underway, as citizens of our sad country become fed up enough with the powers in control (that 1%) and join together (that other 99%) to make a difference?

It began when I saw a brief mention on the local news of the Occupy movement coming to Colorado Springs, soon to be followed by another movement starting in Pueblo. There was enough interest, at least in my own household, to find out more, and to find out how we could be a part of the growing revolution, and on the heels of our own protest walk Sept 24, we are ready! I think activism feeds more activism...or maybe I've just been tired for so long of all of the stupid crap happening in our great nation, I am eager to join in wherever I can. Too bad I didn't have the foresight to start this thing (or the power and ability), but it turns out one of my dear old best friends from years ago does, and she and others are rallying the masses for a protest march in Pueblo on Friday. I am so thrilled!

But herein the questions arise. What are we marching for? What are we trying to gain from this? Will there be trouble? Should I worry about taking my kids (If I don't, I can't participate). Could I get arrested? How could I pay bail? What would happen to the kids? Should Richard call in sick to be a part of it? Will anyone else from our community be there? Should we start an "Occupy Canon City" movement? Where would we protest? The one Wells Fargo in town? My head is full of What ifs and What fors, along with my usual  anxiety or dizziness issues, and it is not pretty.

Logistics aside, I think I have to try to go because this is what I have been waiting for for so long...enough people on board to make a difference. We are trying to gain the upper hand. 100 monkeys. Throw it over into a snowballing, growing majority of fed up Americans who really want to change the control of our nation, who want to take back the democracy so that we the people can make the important decisions about our nation, instead of that 1% of white, rich, power hungry men who are hell bent on destroying the world we live in for their own profit. This is what it is all about! The lack of jobs, the environmental degradation, the sickness of our people because of Agribusiness and big Pharma. The circular nature of it all...keep them sick and poor and charge them we, the Corporatocracy can maintain control of the world (ha ha ha ha haaaa... evil villain laugh).

I don't remember them asking me if I wanted a new oil drill less than a mile away from my farmstead. (Are they horizontally drilling???? That means fracking people!) And now they are putting in another across the road. What the Hell???? Because Corporate America has enticed the landowners with a small lease profit for the right to drill? Told them what? Like the rest of the country...we need that oil so our country can we don't have to rely on oil from other countries (does that mean the wars will end?).
It is all BS. And when my household water starts to smell like diesal fuel (like down there in Walsonburg) I will still have no recourse in the face of BIG OIL, because I am nobody and my children are nothing and my head doesn't hurt constantly from the weird crap coming from the "evaporation" ponds across the ravine.

Yeah, I'm tired. I'm tired of arguing with my family about why they should recycle. Tired of defending myself over my children's gluten free, casein free, additive, preservative, colorant, corn free organic and local diet. (yeah they are kids and I'm sure almost every kid nowadays exhibits autistic behaviors, but if I can help them stop constantly twirling or jumping off the kitchen table, or running into traffic, or stuttering or tantrumming ten times a day by changing their diet, them I'm damn sure going to try!)

I'm tired of mainstream America being so closed minded that they cannot even see what this Corporatocracy has done to us as a nation, as a world and as the human race. That 1% is insulated from the environmental toxins (wish I could afford to move to a clean place and have a real organic farm). They are insulated from the price of food rising constantly...especially clean, organic food. They can afford gas for their fancy cars, insurance for their families, and I'm sure they don't have student loan debt that follows them everywhere they go (mine keeps going up...ten years and still climbing). At the same time, they can close their eyes to the toxins in the water (its not their water) and to the climate changes that are becoming more catastrophic (they live in better houses and can afford to evacuate if the need arises) because they will be long dead and gone when the Earth is no longer habitable. But what about my kids? My three and four year olds who may very well see the end of humanity (Human extinction) because of corporate greed? Is that acceptable? Is the rise in health issues related to environmental toxicity and food contamination acceptable? Is the fact that we are trapped into house payments and car payments and can't abandon the crappy, capitalistic lifestyle acceptable?

No, no, no and more nos. None of it is acceptable. I'd like my voice to be heard when I tell people that our world is not safe. That our continued search and reliance on fossil fuels is going to kill us all. That my children deserve the right to life and a future without breathing masks. I've given up on paying off my student loans, reliable health insurance, or ever finding a job that will pay enough to support my family, but I have not given up on saving the planet and creating some sort of future based on clean energy, clean food and egalitarian principles for my kids!

Every protest counts! And if you can extrapolate yourself from the capitalistic world and live sustainably that is truly divine and a goal worth following. That is my goal. Bail out on corporate America and refuse to participate. Our family belongs to a local bank. We grow a lot of our own food. We shop at thrift stores and make a lot of gifts instead of buying as much as we can. We only drive we we have to and make every trip multi-functional.We are trying to build community in our small town through the Co-op and neighborhood farms, and teaching sustainability. We use reuseable grocery bags.We recycle, even though we have to save up our recyclables for months to take up to Colorado Springs when we go that way.

I am boycotting Christmas least the corporate, capitalistic Xmas we are all so accustomed to. Try regifting, or shopping locally, or spending time with friends and family, instead of shopping for more useless crap that makes the corporate world go round and lines their pockets and gives them even more power. Pull your money out of Corporate banks and watch the system fall. If we all stopped paying our mortgage, what would they do? Is the police force, the military big enough to take on the 99% of the nation that is tired of being puppets to the Corporatocracy? Are the police officers and soldiers not people like the rest of us? Wake up America!!!!

Wake up America and let us be heard! It is time for that revolution! Occupy Pueblo! Occupy Colorado Springs! Occupy Wall Street!

And Boycott Christmas 2011!!!

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  1. When it comes to activism/protesting, I am always a bit skeptical, because I honestly believe the problems of the world are spiritual in nature and need to be dealt with on that level first, or any outward action is just creating more of the same, whether sooner or later. I say let's Occupy Being! Then, let's Occupy Our Homes. Only then, can we truly occupy Wall Street or any other institution in a way that makes a real difference. And this is why I applaud what you're doing with your children's diets - change has to start at home.

    By the way, the tarantula in tire photo reminded me to tell you that I've been getting tomatoes from those plants you guys gave me :)