Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just a few wells in the neighborhood...should generate some revenue for the county.

Since last April, we have been surprised to share our pristine mountain views with the big oil companies, who seem to be moving in post haste, taking advantage of that every 40 acre rule. Say hello to our new neighbors!

This first well is the second to come to our neighborhood--added about a month or so ago. We can see this one from our house, but at least we can't see the evaporation pit.

Oil Well #2 -- second well in the neighborhood
The second well in the photo below was the first one that came to our quaint little town last April. Big producer...or so I hear. 100 barrels a day. Is that why they added another pump? And still the drill is there...or maybe that's the pipe machine.

First well in the hood, but second in distance from our house. That fence contains the evaporation pit.
Oil Well #1. Still drilling. Going another direction maybe?

And the newest drill in our rural atmosphere....

Oil well #3...they look big and scary when they are actually drilling.
Oil Well #3 --pumping in that water (or...)..helps with that "horizontal" drilling

Big and scary. Drills with little red lights on top, flashing in the night so the planes won't hit them. Kind of ruins the view of the bright stars and the Milky Way.

Took these photos on our way up to the Springs for my daughter's first Occupational Therapy session. It went well. Even got to spend time with the angry teenage girl (my second oldest) who doesn't seem so angry now that she's discovered the calming effects of a little herb we'd all like to legalize. My oldest though, who lives in Texas, is pro-cop, anti MMJ, and anti-Occupy. Makes a mama proud.

Noticed some other odd activity in the hood: bobcat taking out trees up the road toward the national forest land. More fencing going in. Unused roads look like they are seeing some traffic. My guess? I think we've got two or three more oil wells coming in.  And it just F*** 'in pisses me off! There was no disclosure about this crap when we bought this house! Fracked up, man!

On the positive side (Is there one?) I did get a few responses to my CL ad looking for a rental in the Land of Enchantment. And one was another Earthship. Go figure. I guess people who build/live in E-ships are just my kind of people. It sounds perfect! A place of opportunity and healing...a divine structure to reside in while we search for our new permanent place. The best thing is we get to head down there to check out some of these rentals. Nothing beats a road trip to New Mexico. Except staying maybe.

Negatives: need to find homes for some of the critters...maybe. Guineas, cats, some chickens. Need to move before Wells Fargo repossesses the truck, and our house falls into one of the old coal mine shafts (fracking DOES NOT cause earthquakes or tremors. Oh, wait, it does.) Need to move before they begin on the new coal mine to open between our house and the good old Uranium, Superfund Site, Cotter Mill (which is trying to get a license extension, in case they decide to re-open perhaps).

This place is just getting way too toxic for the likes of humans. It is time to bail on the Prison town and begin again in a place that fights the Big Corporate Oil/Gas/hazardous materials energy companies like their lives depend on it...because, they do.


  1. A big loud BOOOOOOOOO on the drilling!!! Ugh.

    Let me know if you're heading this way. You're always welcome to stay at the Winter House if you need to.

  2. I just came upon your blog searching for pregnant goat pictures. I'm the one who bought your goat supplies and last ten chicks. We got our goats in September and it has been going OK so far. I read your goat birthing stories--I'm sorry for what happened. I await our births with a mixed feelings. As to the chicks--we ended up with three roosters and seven hens. We kept just one rooster and the seven hens are giving us about 5-6 eggs a day. What a great breed. I have friends with many more chickens who aren't getting very many eggs at all. If you ever decide to make a go at goats again, you will need to get a hobble. I think that it would have changed your experience. I was in tears over our goats (their impatience and kicking and milk splattering everywhere) and a friend showed me the hobble (we changed it though to make it even better). Instant change!! I used it about two months and now I just use it rarely. Also, I appreciate your openness and vulnerability on your blog. I need to be more open on mine. So many times I thought as I read parts of yours, "I'm having that same struggle." When we share our trials, it helps others to not feel so alone in their failures and gives them hope. How are things with the kids? Did you make a schooling decision?

    Anyway, just cool to come across your blog.

  3. Great to hear you are doing well with your goats! Good luck with the births. Sorry you got roosters with your hens...they were supposed to all be female...I got them from the local feed store. They should be a great egg laying breed. We feed all of our chickens organic food (Ranchway) and put a light on them during the coldest nights of the winter, and they all seem to lay well for us, even some rather unhealthy hens we got recently who were bad feather pluckers. A month and a half later, and they are laying like champs! The kids are still not drinking dairy, so I have no interest in goats at this point. We are still planning on home schooling, even with my littlest girl being diagnosed as autistic. I just don't want them enculturated into the schools and a society going sour so quickly. We are trying to move to NM now. Interested in some more laying hens? We have some older ones, not sure of age, some of the ones we picked up recently, and need to reduce the flock. $2 a hen. If they don't turn out to be good layers, they make good stew hens.
    Nice to hear from you. Send me an e-mail.