Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thrive, the movie

I just watched Thrive online at their website...for free. People have been offering screenings here and there, but usually  I can't go and for some amount of money I don't have. Here it is for free. Watch it and pass it on. I really think there's something to this. It's along the lines of what I've always thought anyway. If you've seen it, pass it on anyway and let everyone know they can watch it for free.


Wake up world!!!!

Occupy the planet! Occupy your own sense of responsibility.

I've been hiding out here in my desert house, enjoying the sun and the sage, pretending that if I stopped participating in Western culture, maybe it would all change. Ha. I think it's time to get involved again and maybe put the Facebook page back up. How is the Occupation in Canon City going?

Weird energy things have been going on in my little world, which opens my eyes to the possibilities of even bigger energy, whether that be for power or for healing, love/energy is the answer, we just have to connect to the Source and to each other.

And, still, stop participating in the Corporatocracy in any way you can! Move to your own land and go off grid. It's not as hard as you think.

Share the knowledge. Share the energy. Share organic food. Share the passion for change. Share the love. We can make a difference if we all work together.


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