Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Staying here...for now.

Yeah....we're not going anywhere. There are no financing options and we don't have a boat load of cash at this time, so here we stay, on the border of Colorado and New Mexico. It's not all bad. It is one of the prettiest places I've ever been, there are wild horses nearby and lots of art opportunities.

I did make it into the Arte de Descartes XIII again this year. The show is at the Stables Gallery in Taos and runs through September 7, 2013.

We have decided to move things in  a new direction and so I may not be blogging here too much anymore. But, I'll leave it up for all of you pallet fence folks out there.

I am creating an artist website, which you can find here:

And another website to encompass the new direction we will be taking with the farm, which I will share as I get something posted there.

So, for now, we will continue to farm our little piece of the southwest, pray for rain and hope the winter isn't too cold here.

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