Monday, February 21, 2011

Day a barn

Day three had a great turn out too! The weather was not so nice...a little cold and windy, but our participants stuck in there and we got eight levels of bags up when the day was done.

digging more dirt to fill the bags

hauling the dirt to the earthbag barn

six courses

Rolling out the barbed wire for the next course

seven courses
Eight courses done at the end of day 3

Thanks to everyone who participated! It was definitely a hands on learning experience for everyone. Now we have to research some kind of mud plaster to cover the bags to protect them from the UV rays. It will be slow going now with just the two of us...or one of us as the case may be, so anyone who still wants to come out and help, give us a call.

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  1. Hey Kerry-
    We really enjoyed helping out yesterday! It is awesome to have like minded people to learn from in Fremont County, and of course it is always good to make new friends!

    Let us know when you need the help. And call me when it's time to birth some goats :)