Friday, February 25, 2011

Denver rally agains corporatocracy...join the revolution

Today we met with the USDA and became a legitimate "farm." I have mixed feeling about being involved with the USDA or government in general, but there you have it. Can they help us buy farmland in Penrose? Maybe. Maybe not.

Thinking of going to Denver tomorrow to get actively involved in the uprising in America. It'll be hard with the two little kids, and probably cold, and a terribly long drive with gas as expensive as it is, but I think we have to. We must start showing our support of those in our nation who are fighting back against the corporatocracy, who I personally blame for every evil in the world. Those few rich men are destroying our planet because they need more dollars in their pocket? To grow the portfolio? At the expense of people and nature and the very earth we live on? I've had enough. I've been saying America needs a revolution, and maybe this is the beginning of one. In any case, showing support for our fellow workers in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and the rest of the world that dares to stand against the "man" is the right thing to do.

Everyone get out there and bring your signs!!! Let's let the greedy one percent know we've had enough, our opinions do matter, and we want our Earth back! Get to a capital city near you and join the revolution. It takes the masses to be heard. How important is the future to you? How important are the teachers, fire fighters and police? How important is the middle class? How important is a better life for our children? Let's take a stand!!

Sign up here!  Or just show up. We want change, so let's do our part to make it happen! 12pm local time...everywhere.

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