Friday, February 18, 2011

Day One of the Building Blitz

First day started off slow with only one participant. Kory came down from Denver to get some hands on experience, and he and Richard worked hard all day, finishing the trench, laying in gravel and putting down the first course of gravel bags. Good work guys!

Filling the trench with gravel

Gravel bags go in trench

Richard "sews" the bag closed with re bar wire

Kory fills buckets with gravel
walls and buttress ends

An excellent day for the Earthbag Barn. We are off to a great start. A few more people stopped by later in the day...Donia and Paula from the Canon Food Co-op, bearing pots and pans of food (thank you) and two ladies who might come back tomorrow when the building site should be hopping.

We made a new friend...Kory, who is as interested in Earth friendly structures as we are, and came bearing a stack of books to share on the subject. Can't wait to check them out when he returns tomorrow. Thanks for all of your help today Kory!

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